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Athletic Trainers on the Frontlines Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Posted on May 27, 2020 | | Leave a comment

As the COVID-19 pandemic began, Athletic Trainers found themselves in unfamiliar territory. But many ATs stepped up to show how the profession can impact health care through action on the frontlines of the pandemic.

Wonderful words from one of our members, Amy Cruise. Since writing this, Amy was recognized by Cox Health as a Wellness Warrior during this time for her efforts in leading and coordinating for the hospital to reach a goal of making 4,000 masks per day. Great job Amy and ATs at Cox Health! Amy’s reflection of this time:

“As I reflect on the last few weeks, it has been a rollercoaster to say the least. I think most can agree that we never thought we would live in a time when we would be screening people at entrances, maintaining a minimum 6-foot distance from others, going to the store daily to try and find toilet paper, or sheltering in place. At CoxHealth, our ATs have had the unique opportunity to be a part of combatting this pandemic by helping to make masks. And I must say, it has been an honor to serve with this group. We have laughed, cried, supported one another, and given each other the grace to deal with our “new normal” in whatever way we needed to individually. No matter what our world looks like on the other side of this, I have no doubt, we will be a stronger team, as well as, stronger individuals.”

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