Dr. Glenn L. McElroy Outstanding Service Award

Glenn L. McElroy, MD Outstanding Service Award


The Glenn L. McElroy, MD Outstanding Service Award is a prestigious award given to an individual who played an exemplary role in the profession of athletic training. The recipient of this award has provided remarkable service to the profession of athletic training and to the patients they serve.

Dr. McElroy, was a physician in Columbia, MO who dedicated his time and practice to providing excellence in the field of sports medicine. A tremendous supporter of athletic trainers in the state of Missouri, he emphasized the need for athletic trainers in Missouri schools and at all sporting events. He valued the athletic trainer the primary health care professional in treating athletic injuries. He was willing to share his knowledge and expertise with athletic trainers. Most of all Dr. McElroy was a very giving and selfless man who went out of his way to help his fellow man. He was a great role model. He was a charter member of the Missouri Sports Medicine Hall of Fame.

Past Recipients

2018 – Scott Winslow

2017 – Kitty Newsham

2016 – Josh Thompson

2015 – Michelle Boyd

2014 – Pat Forbis

2013 – Karen Fennell

2012 – Stefanie West

2011 – Anthony Breitbach

2010 – James Kinderknecht, MD

2008 – Steve Taylor, Angela Hockaday

2007 – Ron Dunn

2004 – John Donnell

2002 – John Yetter, MD

2000 – Eric McDonnell