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NATA Professional Development Center

Posted on January 10, 2017 | | Comments Off on NATA Professional Development Center

The National Athletic Trainers Association has upgraded the Professional Development Center (PDC) to a new learning management platform. The experience of taking courses in the new system will be easier and more intuitive as you move through viewing the course materials, taking the assessment and completing the evaluation.

The new platform makes is easier to search for courses and offers a more robust features than prior platforms. PDC Courses are available anytime, and learners can track all of their CEUs in one convenient location.

The new mobile-friendly system provides each user with a personalized dashboard that tracks purchased, in-progress, completed and recommended courses. For easy tracking as you prepare to submit CEUs to the Board of Certification (BOC), each user can track not only the CEUs earned in the center, but also any other CEUs they earn from live NATA events or other providers.

Remember, 2017 is a reporting year for the BOC. You will need to have completed 50 CEUs, with 10 coming from the Evidence Based Practice category. To access the Professional Development Center, you will need your NATA username and password, or create an account on the link below:

Professional Development Center

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